What Macines and Equipments are required for the shoe Assembly and Bottoming department ?

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what is shoe bottom assembly ? Which machines are used to complete this process and what functions are done on these machines ?
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 With the shoe ready for assembly it is transported to the assembly section. The basic assembly line is about 100 yards long. On the front of the line, you will find a steam Toe lasting machine to soften the shoe uppers, preparing them for lasting. The lasting machines are used to get the uppers pulled down tight onto the shoe lasts.

 The toe lasting machine  is the center piece of the lasting equipment.  This machine takes hold of the upper and physically pulls it down around the last. The machine simultaneously pulls the upper into place while injecting hot glue to fix the uppers into place on the last.

Bottom Assembly - Systems, machines and equipment for processing the lasted shoe bottom to make up the footwear.

01 - LASTED SHOE ROUGHING MACHINES - The machine performs the roughing of the lasted shoe, works with a circular steel brush, that is set in order to work tangentially to the lasting surface. Particular version is that roughs the profile of the uppers mounted on a last for the application of the shaped sole. The operation cleans and prepares the part which the adhesive will be deposited on for bottom application.

02 - SOLE ROUGHING MACHINES - Roughing machine for soles in different materials and shapes. The sole must be sustained and pushed against the tool with a little pressure by the worker and it must be also guided during the work. The tool is a carbide cutter or abrasive rings Particular version is that roughs the profile of the shaped sole. The operation cleans and prepares the part which the adhesive will be deposited on for bottom application.

03 - LASTED SHOE-SOLE CEMENTING SYSTEMS - Range of machines and equipment for the cement application on the shoes bottom and on the sole before their final assembling. Technical solutions with spray nozzle, rotating brush and roller. Manual control and management.

04 - DRYER REACTIVATORS - Machine for drying and reactivate the cement by means of heating, in versions hot air and infrared. Static and tunnel configuration.

05 - SOLE ATTACHING PRESSES - After cement deposition and reactivation, the shoe lasted and the sole and holding in position using dedicated press systems. Configurations from the two arm pressure tools, sector pads to follow the lower line of the shoe up to pressurized self-shaping pads. The pressing action is guaranteed by various solutions: mechanical, pressurized air or vacuum systems.

06 - CHILL SETTERS - Cooling machine to stabilize lasted shoes after the sole application. Cell static and conveyor belt configuration with functions controlled by microprocessor.

07 - HEEL SEAT POUNDING MACHINES - Machines that provide leveling and edging heel seat using tools such as plat and roller. This operation can guarantee the fine tune coupling between the shoes components and improving the quality of the shoe. The matrix, with profiles similar to the heel to be applied, can be either fixed or interchangeable.

08 - LAST PULLING MACHINES - Equipment based on locking pin and cushion pads for extracting last from footwear. Machines available for a range of lasts: fixed shape, the "V" and/or last with hinge joint.

09 - SOLE SEWING MACHINES CURVED NEEDLE - Sewing machines in various configuration to perform interventions on lasted shoe in order to ensure the direct cohesion between the upper and/or insole and/or sole with the possibility to simultaneously apply the welt.

10 - GOODYEAR PROCESSING MACHINES - Range of specific machines for goodyear shoe assembly. They include: rib-tape applying, staple side lasting, upper trimming, welt stitching, welt beating and stretching, refresher trimming, heel welt stitching machines.

11 - HEEL PREFIXING - NAILING MACHINES - Presses that through the insertion of screws or nails secure the heel to the assembled sole. According on the type of footwear and its quality, this operation required a pre-fixing and/or permanent fixing. Solution from manual to fully automated.

12 - CHANNELING MACHINE - Range of machines suitable to perform the channel (engraving which forms a lip) on the lasted sole; open or close the channel lips and in meantime trimming and/or creating a small channel to perform the bottom stitching.

13 - HEEL TOP PIECE ATTACHING PRESSES - Machine used to secure the top piece to the heel by pressure, in order to protect the heel from contact with the floor. A very abrasion resistant material.

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