What Are Nursing Shoes ?

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What Are The Main Features Of Nursing Shoes ?

How to shop for the best shoes for nurses ?

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How to Choose the Best Nursing Shoes: 

Here are some golden rules in choosing the best nursing shoes in the market.

1. Check with your employer if there is a strict dress code in your area

This is the first important thing to check when buying a pair of nursing shoes. Some hospitals implement a strict one-color rule in nursing shoes and the usually required color is white.

2. Determine the size of your feet

In finding the perfect fit, your feet’s size and width should always be considered. When fitting a shoe, wear the socks that you commonly use in your duties. There are socks that affect the fit of the shoes worn, especially if they are too thick.

3. Always prioritize your comfort

Your feet’s comfort should not be forsaken for style. The insole should be soft and fits your foot perfectly without squeezing inside. Extra padding in pressure points is also helpful. You can even find shoes with gel cushions for more comfortable walking.

4. Look for features that will keep you safe

With spills and slippery flooring, your nursing shoes should not let you slip or fall. Out-soles made from high-quality and durable rubber will let your shoes have a good grip even when the floor is slippery. 

5. Go lightweight

Your shoes should always be lightweight so walking or running quickly will not be a big problem for your legs. Opting for lightweight shoes will give you more speed in doing your everyday tasks in the ward. 

6. Consider arch support

If you will check your feet, you will notice that there is a natural arch or curve in the inner part of your soles. There are few people born without the arch in their soles and this condition is known as flat feet.

A great nursing shoe should provide arch support to relieve pressure points in the feet. For those suffering from flat feet, a customized shoe which includes orthotic inserts is recommended.

7. Check the shoes’ durability

To withstand the extreme conditions nurses experience every day in the hospital, their shoes should be heavy-duty. High-quality nursing shoes are usually made from premium materials like leather and rubber. The outsoles should be thick enough and well-stitched to the body of the shoes.

8. Choosing an appropriate style

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, there are three styles of nursing shoes available around. In choosing an appropriate style, you should first determine the style you are most comfortable with. Then, consider several factors like attire policy and the area you are working with.

For fast-paced working environments where you will walk and run a lot like ER and ICU, sneakers will be best. For closed environments, like OR and NICU, where maintaining a sterile field is important, slip-on shoes are great. And for ward areas, clogs are recommended.

9. Go for an easy to clean shoe design

Nurses are always busy and they are exposed to many external hazards like blood and body fluid spills. For this reason, going for an easy to clean design is important. Choose shoes that can be easily cleaned with just a wipe of the damp cloth.

10. Consider industry-specific brands

There are shoe brands made especially for nurses and they produce a wide line-up of different nursing shoes in the market. Going for shoes specially made for nurses is recommended since they are made for hospital usage.

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Finding the best shoes for nurses isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even though there are so many choices, you may still find it hard to find a pair that has the right style, comfort, and protection you need for your job.

Moving a lot at work and having to be on duty for long hours, you know how important it is to have the right kind of shoes. They can prevent future health problems, like slipped discs, and minimize back and leg pain. 

Why Should You Invest On A Good Pair of Nursing Shoes?

If you are just new in this profession, you might not be aware that nurses usually work in extreme conditions.

When understaffed, nurses are forced to work in straight 12-hour shifts. They help in tedious tasks like lifting patients and providing assistance in bed baths. When there is a code, they also run in the hallway to get to the patient as fast as they could.

Therefore, a good pair of nursing shoes will help in preventing painful heels, legs, and back during and after duty.

Here are the other benefits of wearing a good pair of nursing shoes:

  • Posture support

Posture support is important in preventing low back pain and leg problems. It is also important for nurses to maintain good posture as it helps them safely go through their tasks.

  • Arch support

the most important consideration for healthy shoe wear is arch support. High or low arches have been a common problem for most people so shoes with stable arch support are preferred. 

  • Prevention of fatigue-related problems

Nurses are prone to developing health problems like arthritis, muscle cramps, and low back pain because they are always working on their feet. These problems can be easily prevented by wearing proper shoes for hospital work.

  • Speed and flexibility

Just imagine wearing comfortable and lightweight shoes at work. It will be easier to move around, right? especially when you are working in busy and extended shifts.

  • Slip prevention

A study revealed that nurses, especially those who are working in nursing homes, are more likely to suffer a slip, trip, and fall injuries than workers in other industries. Spills in hospital floors are common and you should protect yourself from these with the help of water-resistant non-slip shoes. 

  • Maximum comfort 

    No doubt that being a nurse is one of the toughest jobs around. The burden of a busy shift will feel less as long as you have a comfortable pair of shoes to start with.



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