What is a Shoe Deodorizer?

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A shoe deodorizer is an accessory that uses fragrant sprays to eliminate odours from footwear. Made from various ingredients, these products are also gentle on the skin for comfortable and regular use. It is a well-known fact that shoes make you look super classy and suave while providing extreme comfort during long walks and short ones too. However, what most people do not know is that our feet need to breathe too. While shoes give the utmost comfort, they also keep the feet closed throughout, which leads to the formation of sweat and bacteria in the feet. 

This, in turn, causes the shoes and the feet to smell bad, and therefore, can be a cause of embarrassment. A lot of people wonder how to remove the smell from shoes and try various alternatives like baby powder and baking soda, which hardly work. However, there is an easier solution. To avoid this scenario and maintain good foot hygiene, one must consider using a shoe deodorizer. 

Reasons you should buy a shoe deodorizer from Mochi

In case you are wondering how to remove bad smell from shoes, here’s how a deodorizer can help: 

  • Keep the fungi and bacteria at bay: 

Shoe deodorizers help to keep away the bacteria and fungi that grow inside your shoe and can cause infections or allergies when they come in contact with the skin of your foot.

  • Keep the feet smelling fresh and dry: 

Smelly feet are caused by sweat due to the feet being enclosed in a shoe. Since they can be a big source of embarrassment, tackling foot odour is essential for most occasions. That is where shoe deodorizers prove to be of great help. 

  • Easy to use and carry: 

While shoe deodorizers are a great addition to your shoe kit, they also make for a great travel essential and can be carried around anywhere you go. This is due to their compact size that can fit in the smallest nooks of your luggage. So whether you are going camping with friends, or heading out on a family or business trip, carry your shoe deodorizers everywhere with you for healthy and fresh feet.  

Apart from deodorizers, there are a number of products that you could add to your shoe kit. For example, a shoe polish is an essential item to maintain the shine on your footwear. In case you are not a fan of cream-based options, you could even opt for a liquid polish. For the ease of wearing, owning a shoe horn can go a long way. 

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