What is Shoe Kit ? What Should We Have in Shoe Kit ?

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What should my shoe kit contain?

How can I polish my shoes at home?

How do you make old leather shoes look new?
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While footwear styles have evolved quite a lot through the centuries, one thing has changed within people’s perspective towards footwear too. With time, people have begun understanding the importance of taking proper care of their footwear. 

What you should look for in a Shoe Kit?

In order to help you make the shoe care process efficient for you, here are some of the things you need to look for in a shoe care kit. These essentials will ensure that your footwear lasts for a long time. 

  • There are two essential items needed when it comes to building a leather shoe cleaning kit. Avoid the regular appearance of scratches and scuffs on your leather shoes by applying liquid polish on it. Insert a shoe horn in your shoe and leave the cream on it for a couple of hours and clean it off with a dry cloth. 
  • To whiten the soles of your shoe, use a shoe cleaner shampoo to clean it thoroughly for a few minutes. Repeat the practice regularly and watch them shine in a matter of time.
  • For protecting your shoes from rain and dust, add balsam, shoe wax polish or just wax candle to your shoe shine kit. That is because the wax polish has a high concentration of hard waxes and creates a barrier for protecting your shoes from elements. 
  • Whether you are wearing expensive shoes or a cheaper one, using them for a regular basis without a change can be unhygienic for your feet and leave a stinky odour. To tackle the said problem, use a foot spray to cleanse as well as moisturise them while switching shoes regularly. 

What should my shoe kit contain?

While the contents of a shoe cleaning kit vary from one brand to the other, there are some items which are essential. These include:

  • A brush with soft bristles 
  • A polish
  • Moisturizing saddle soap
  • A fabric for scuffing 
  • A shoehorn

How can I polish my shoes at home?

Here’s a basic step-by-step shoe polish guide using a leather shoe polish kit of choice:

  1. Start with a dry and clean brush or a scuffing cloth to scuff away any dirt marks, stains and other debris in a back and forth motion.
  2. Dip your brush in the polish and apply polish to the shoe. If you have brown leather shoes, ensure you purchase a brown shoe polish kit.
  3. Begin brushing the polish in a circular motion, covering smaller areas at a time.
  4. Eliminate any roughness by continuing to move in a circular motion. 
  5. Repeat the process in areas that may need a second touch up.

How do you make old leather shoes look new?

Sometimes a badly scuffed leather shoe may not be restored with a basic shoe kit bag. To bring such a pair of shoes back to life, you can use dye to restore them and even change their look.


Shoe Kit - An Essential for Footwear

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