What is Heel Insert ?

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How To Choose Good Heel Inserts ?

What are the Main Features of Good Heel Inserts ?
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A heel insert is a product that is placed inside of your shoe to provide support for the heel of the foot. Heel inserts come in different forms to meet a variety of needs. Some heel inserts are made out of molded silicone or plastic and provide a more rigid form of support. Other products are soft foam or gel pads that offer cushioning and that mold to the shape of the heel. Shoe inserts are a tricky ground to tread on, buy the right one and you are in a world of comfort, the wrong one, on the other hand, can deliver worlds of pain. It may seem like a simple decision, but the array of products out there will beg to differ.

Dealing with foot pain can greatly limit your ability to keep up your daily routine and enjoy every day. When walking or exercising becomes painful, you can often take simple steps to alleviate your discomfort and get back to being active. If your doctor has suggested that you use heel Inserts to manage your foot pain symptoms, Choose from a selection of products from top brands like Dr. Scholl's. 

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Main Features For Good Heel Inserts 

Use - There are different types of heel inserts out there and they have diverse uses, educating yourself on the uses can bring you one step closer to finding the right one for you. Tapes or grips should be used on particular spots where you experience pain. So, if you are experiencing skin rubbing or being squeezed by a shoe, this is the best route for you. When it comes to pads and cushions, they reduce the stress caused by shoes and improve overall grip. Insoles, on the other hand, give full coverage while providing the arch and heel with some support.

Materials - The materials used to make the inserts can make all the difference in the world. Needless to say, inserts made with memory foam are the most comfortable, not only are they breathable but they provide thicker cushioning. Inserts made from Polyurethane are easily moldable, yet they retain their elasticity; likewise, silicone ones give added support but are a lot stiffer. While suede may give the best grip, the odor caused by the sweat means it has to be frequently washed.

Features - Just as there are different kinds of shoes, there are inserts with the features to suit each of them better. Trimmed inserts are quite versatile and can give you what you need when applied to most shoes, it is in the same vein that invisible inserts are logically the best option for open-toed shoes and sandals. For closed-toed shoes, the possibilities are endless and can even match the tone of the shoe for aesthetic purposes.

Comfort - This definitely goes without saying, seeing as the core purpose for inserts is to achieve maximum comfort. All the above features can easily help you land the most comfortable option for you and your feet. 



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