What is Shoe Horn ?

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How to Choose OR Select a Good Shoe Horn ?

Metal, Plastic Or Wooden Shoe Horn Which is Best ?

Long Shoe Horn Vs Short Shoe Horn Which is Better ?
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Futurekart Telescopic Shoe Horn 10.03 Inch-29.52 Inch  

 A shoe horn is a tool which is curved and flattened out at the end. It is specially designed to help your foot fit properly into a shoe. If you are wondering why it is called so, that is because the first-ever pieces were made with animal horns. However, these days they are made with a multitude of materials, out of which wooden shoe horns are the most popular ones. There are also metal shoe horns for a firmer brush. For lighter uses, you can definitely count on a plastic shoe horn. 

  How to Choose OR Select a Good Shoe Horn ?

The simplicity of the shoe horn means that this is one of the easiest products there is to evaluate. Simply collect a few dozen of the most popular ones and put them to the test. Still, we don’t like to think that there might have been something we overlooked so we perused hundreds of online reviews as well to see what types of praise or scorn were being carried on the digital wind. We then took that into consideration before making our final selections for this list of best shoe horns.

Since even the most expensive shoe horns typically cost less than a decent shirt price did not play any significant role in our determinations. If one was more expensive than most others we noted it. But price was not a factor that would exclude a particular shoe horn from the list. We chose these shoe horns strictly on their functional, aesthetic and material merits.

Metal, Plastic Or Wooden Shoe Horn Which is Best ? 

One of the most common mistakes people make - especially when it comes to long handheld shoe horns - is assuming it’s safe to bring their full weight down on the device. It’s not. Shoe horns work best when they are in a vertical or close to vertical position and little downward force is applied directly to them. Remember, they’re a guide, not a battering ram. And they should never be inserted into the shoe at a severe angle to the ground. This will almost certainly result in the device breaking or bending. That said each material has its own merits and demerits.

Metal - Metal shoe horns have a number of things going for them. They’re typically (though not all the time) stronger than plastic or even wood shoe horns. They last a long time and you can be a bit more aggressive with them than you can with other materials. And this might be necessary if your shoes are particularly tight in the heel.

Wood - Being a traditional material wood has a certain degree of cred that stainless steel or ABS plastic will never have. Wooden shoe horns are also durable, light, comfortable to hold and slightly more forgiving than metal. Some wood and metal hybrid long shoe horns are extremely attractive and durable.

Plastic - It’s a plastic world so there is no getting away from this material. And in this case that’s fine because, after all, it’s a shoe horn we’re talking about here, not an engagement ring. The big advantage of plastic shoe horns is the big advantage of most plastic items: it’s less expensive. It’s also typically lighter than either wood or metal. 

Long Shoe Horn Vs Short Shoe Horn Which is Better ?

The length of your shoe spoon (as some call it) will be determined almost exclusively by your physical needs. If it’s easy for you to get up and down from a seated position then there’s no reason to have a 31 inch shoe horn. If on the other hand, you are experiencing back problems, recovering from back surgery or have age-related mobility or flexibility issues a long neck shoe horn will be just what the doctor ordered.


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