How to Chose and Select a Good Shoe Shine Kit ?

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The best shoe shine kits should come with the best shoe care products, and you can most typically expect to receive some polish, cream a brush as well as cloths to buff and shine your shoes all of which will be presented and housed in some kind of container of sorts. Let’s just take a quick look at those main elements. 

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Shoe Brush - Usually, you can expect to receive two different brushes in the best shoe cleaning kits. One designed for shining your shoes and one preferred for polishing. The best brushes are made from 100% horsehair because it’s a pliable and soft texture that shouldn’t cause any damage to or scuff your favorite shoes.

Polishing Cloths - To really shine and polish those shoes to perfection and with military precision, you’re going to need a good, soft polishing cloth. It’s vital that you routinely clean, rinse and dry out your polishing cloth, so that old polish doesn’t harden and stick to your cloth.

Container - You need something convenient as well as portable to keep all your kit together, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Your professional shoe shine kit might come in either a tin with a lid or a bag with zip closure.

Polish or Wax - Of course, you’re going to need some polish, and the first step is to ensure that you’ve picked out the correct color. Don’t be tempted to try and use a brown polish on black boots and vice versa thinking that it won’t matter. It will! Got for a professional style wax or polish to ensure the best results and opt for something that will also additionally seal and protect your shoes or boots. If you’re looking to extend the life of your leather shoes which need lots of nourishment to stay supple and flexible, then a cream shoe polish is your most sensible bet.

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There’s a place and an argument for using both a wax and a cream if you really want to get the best results. Both have their relative merits. With a cream polish, you get good penetration into the surface of the leather which will help retain color and hydration. A wax sits more on the surface and therefore is better overall at protecting your shoes and can be used to build up a much glossier shine. If you want color rejuvenation, leather suppleness as well as protection and a high shine finish, then using a cream followed by a wax is the best scenario.

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