How do I Choose the Best Walking Shoes?

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asked Jun 10, 2020 by Brahm Prasad

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Brisk walking can be a great workout and a very beneficial way to improve overall health. One of the most important aspects of a walking workout, however, is choosing the best walking shoes. First, keep in mind that while there are many websites and companies that will recommend walking shoes, the best walking shoes for you are the ones that fit you best, regardless of the recommendations.

For this reason, it is important to always try shoes on when you will be wearing them for exercising. If you want to try them on in a store and then come home and order them online to get a better price, this is fine, but always give the shoes a try first, and do a few laps around the shoe store. There are some certain aspects of fit you should always look for when trying to find the best walking shoes.

The best walking shoes for you should fit the feet snugly, and not allow the feet to slide back and forth. This can cause blisters on the heel and ankle, and can actually cause damage to the toenails if they are slamming into the front of the shoe with every step. Walking shoes should be flexible, allowing the foot to bend in a natural manner when walking, in the same place the foot bends on its own.

In addition, the heel should be cushioned, because the heel is the first place on the foot that strikes the ground when walking. The outsole of the heel, however, should be hard and inflexible, which will help to provide the most support to the feet. It is often recommended that you buy walking shoes with mesh vents on the sides and upper part of the feet; this can help to keep the foot cooler and more comfortable.

Finally, when choosing the best walking shoes, consider how the foot rests in the shoe. The foot should be stable and straight, and should not roll to one side or the other, which is known as over- or under-pronation. If the foot rolls in, or over-pronates, choose sneakers that have a higher arch to keep the foot straight. If the foot rolls out, the sneakers should have a lower arch, and be slightly higher on the outside. If it is difficult to find sneakers to correct pronation, keep in mind that insole inserted into the shoes can make a big difference, and can also help walking shoes to last longer. 


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answered Jun 10, 2020 by Tapan Dey
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