How to Make Shoes ?

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How to make shoes with the right approach that will 100 % guarantee your progress and success in shoemaking. Making shoes is a long process and involves many steps. 

When this beginner in shoemaking returns home, his first problem is that he can’t replicate the same shoes he made under muster super vision. The reason is simple. It is because this shoe model is very complicated and requires experience, skills and knowledge in shoemaking. 

To make this one pair (even with supervision) it is not enough! 

 When you want to learn how to make shoes, what results do you want to get?

  1. You want to make beautiful shoes, they need to look good
  2. The footwear needs to be comfortable
  3. You want to make long lasting shoes

The most common mistakes that beginners have when they try to learn how to make shoes, is this misleading concept:

‘’If I will have all the tools that shoemaker has, I will make shoes just like him.’’ Wrog

Shoemakers use a lot of different shoemaking tools, different shoemaker knifes, hammers, different shoemaker pincers, different awls and the list is long. But if you will try to copy him with his own tools, you will fail. Beyond the shoemaking tools, this shoemaker has the experience, the skills and knowledge. 

You need consistent progress in your shoemaking knowledge and skills. 

The fact is, in shoemaking there is one primary footwear type, and it must be first footwear construction that you will learn to make. It will help you to learn and progress in most efficient way. Because this footwear type has primary rules of constructions that you will use in making of every other footwear type.
At the same time, this footwear is not complicated to make, and for you, as a beginner in shoemaking, it will be a gradual immersion in making shoes craft.

I am talking about a simple Flat Ballet Shoes. 

Yes, it is your first shoe type you must make, no matter if you want to make men shoes or women’s shoes. 

Ballet Flat Shoes Course 

After you will learn flat ballet shoes, you should learn the High heels Pump Shoes.

Here you will use what you have learned already in the making of ballet shoes and at the same time you will learn something new that belongs to the High heels pumps construction. It is must to know construction that you will use in the making of any shoe types with high heels because this construction based on the existence of the high heels that radically changes the pattern making approach. 

When you make these two shoe types you will be ready to learn something more complex, that requires experience 

So you will be familiar with the same rules of construction that you learned in the making of ballet shoes and you will learn more advanced rules of construction of the Oxford shoes, as it is your NEXT SHOE type you must do.

So according to this order of shoemaking learning, you will be ready to accomplish every new shoe type on your own, because you have learned shoemaking with a smooth, step by step approach.   

This approach of learning is proved by more than 2000 students that learned shoemaking in this order. They started as a total beginners like you, and now they make their own shoes. 

The only way to have constant progress in making your shoes is, a good understanding of the process.  You need to know exactly the entire process of making each shoe type, for example, flat ballet shoes as your starting point in learning of shoemaking. You will make mistakes, for sure, because you just don’t have the proper skills, but you will understand where you failed because you will know how each step of the shoemaking process influences on the next one. So:

Smart Shoemaking approach. 



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