what is Stitchdown Construction ?

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With a stitchdown-constructed shoe, the lining is typically welted onto the insole before the upper, which is subsequently sewn onto the mid- and outsole, and thus connected to the welt with two separate stitches. Wesco Jobmaster made from the Stitchdown construction.  

Construction: Stitchdown

This is the only one construction where the lasting allowance is turned outwards. The insole is larger than the last. The upper outside curved edge is cement lasted to the  insole. In some cases  a  thin micro cellular mid sole is also temporarily cemented with the insole. The sole itself  is also cemented and all the elements are bound together by stitching. The excess material from the side to be cut before trimming.



This process may or may not  have the  welt. Single or double sole can be used for any desired thickness. No stitching or metal parts are visible inside the shoe. On examination of the shoe it is noticeable that where the upper meets the insole, the edge of the upper turned outside and is inline  the edge of the insole. Advantage of this type of construction is that the shoes are strong and flexible.

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answered May 29, 2020 by SHOE MAG