what are the Benefits of CAD/CAM in the shoe mould manufacturing ?

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asked May 11, 2020 by natasha singh

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Benefits of CAD/CAM in the mould manufacturing are:

  1. Total modeling for generation of design concepts and variations.
  2. Reverse engineering from existing models or parts.
  3. Easy to modify design.
  4. Completely accurate designs regardless of complexity.
  5. Rapid generation of moulds from product designs and Grading of sole models
  6. Easy to creates manufacturing documentation.
  7. Creates NC tool paths
  • Creates NC tool paths

3D CAD/CAM is the core technology for present sole mould manufacturers in the footwear industry. With CAD/CAM software, footwear sole manufacturers can reduce their time to market dramatically and so increase market share and profitability. In addition, the flexibility of the software can overcome restrictions of the designer’s creativity impos ed by traditional methods and sole mould makers are able to strengthen their capabilities of mould design and production techniques to meet the market demands by shortening product life cycle, quality improvement and handling versatile pattern design. This helps especially sports shoe producers to manufacture products rapidly and to introduce them early than their competitors.

Even after introduction of CAD still some operations like assembling, etching etc to be done manually. You cannot avoid manual intervention completely.

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    answered May 12, 2020 by shoe abc