what is Oxford Shoe ?

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What is Oxford Shoe and How it is made. Is it a Dress Shoe
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Oxford shoe is a type of footwear. An Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed "closed lacing".Oxfords were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal, uniform, and casual wear. Based on function and the dictates of fashion, Oxfords are now made from a variety of materials, including calf leather, faux and genuine patent leather, suede, and canvas. They are normally black or brown, and may be plain or patterned (Brogue). Its origin is attributed to the Irish and Scottish farmers, which designed their perforated holes to obtain a better ventilation, but in the mid 19th century, the designs were refined with high quality leathers, so they becoming been used by Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, he used to wear them when he went to play golf and he ended up using them in social events.

oxford shoes
They became been really popular among Oxford College, so they took its famous name, the trend spread fast among young men as they served both to attend class, formal events and their holidays.

Besides being fashionable Oxford shoes are a very elegant footwear, so they soon became an essential footwear for the working men who need to give an unblemished image.
oxfor shoes in leather sole

In the 80 they returned to be trend thanks to Michael Jackson, in Billie Jean he wore the popular black and white bicolor Oxford shoes

Oxford Shoes for men
Over time Oxford shoes have been developed to offer female designs. These shoes offer so many possibilities to modify their classic design to suit different styles, although they had traditionally thin soles they have included designs with some platform or heel, Oxford shoes have also innovated in many materials and colors.


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oxford shoes are very impressive style of shoe wearing. They can be made in different designs and styles. Normally many people will buy at least one pair of oxford shoe in their collection. They look very elegant with the dress.
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Oxfords are simple, elegant shoes. Originally a formal choice, the styling of Oxfords has evolved. There are patent Oxfords, full Oxford brogues – all manner of incarnations. The one thing they will all have is a closed lace.

If a shoe is to qualify as an Oxford the shoelace faces must absolutely be stitched neatly below the vamp. This is what gives them their elegant simplicity and formal clout.



The main features of the Oxford are:

  • Closed lacing, i.e. the faces with the eyelets are sewn under a seam known as the throat.
  • Smooth leather, either plain, patent or brogued.
  • Toe cap, or wingtip on a full Oxford Brogue.
  • Vamp
  • May, or may not have a plain quarter and heel cap.


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Classy, elegant and sleek, the Oxfords are staples in men’s wardrobes. Every Oxford features closed lacing, which means that the front (or vamp, to be technical) covers the back (or the quarters). Below is a comparison of the Oxford (top) and a Derby (bottom), the latter characterized by open lacing.

Some men prefer the open-laced feature because it allows for the expansion of the upper, enabling a more comfortable fit. Nevertheless, closed-laced shoes make for a more formal pair than the open-laced, exuding elegance which instantly sharpens your suiting into a classic masterpiece. It is no wonder that they are the go-to dress shoe for formal and business events.

The Oxfords may look simple, yet its history remains a riddle. There are two opposing stories behind the emergence of Oxfords. The more popularised one is undoubtedly linked to its name; it is said to be made by students of Oxford College in the late 18th century to early 19th century, in response to the uncomfortable high-calf boots men had to wear then. The second narrative involves Oxford’s other name, the ‘Balmoral’, which is associated with the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. And as the story goes, the Oxfords originated from Scotland.

Regardless of which narrative you may think is more valid, there is no doubt that the Oxfords gained popularity from the mid-19th Century throughout Europe. Not only is it more comfortable than its predecessor, it also maintained its predecessor’s sturdiness, remaining the staple shoe of men’s wardrobe to this day.  


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