What do men's loafers look good with?

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Men’s Loafer Shoes are a versatile piece of footwear that can be paired with plenty of casual outfits. The classic shoes can easily be paired with a semi-casual outfit such as a tucked-in T-shirt, blue jeans and a sports jacket. Whereas, for a more casual look, you can pair loafers for men with jeans and patterned T-shirts or shirts. 

 You can wear socks with loafers -- they would look good with your formal as well as casual outfits. Consider complementing the colour of the socks with that of your outfit or it will throw off your ensemble. For example, choose socks with stripes or solid-coloured socks to pair with your basic formal outfit. But most men choose to just slip them on without socks.

Dress loafers for men have become popular worldwide and are preferred mostly by corporate employees for their hassle-free design. The laceless construction provides comfort, convenience, stylishness, and versatility to its wearers. For example, most loafers are made of leather and come in shades of black, brown, oxblood, and burgundy colours. So you can experiment and strategically pair them with all your formal outfits. 

Yes, you can wear loafers with a pair of jeans. For a semi-casual look, pair your leather loafers for men with jeans and complement the look with a solid or chequered T-shirt. You can also add a sports jacket to complete your semi-formal ensemble. For a more casual look, you can pair loafers for men with funky printed shirts and sunglasses. You can accessorize the ensemble with bracelets and sunglasses. 

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