What are the different types and styles of Loafer Shoes for men ?

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Your shoes are a crucial part of your wardrobe, and they hold power to dictate the look that you are trying to create. A well put together ensemble has harmony between the clothes, accessories and footwear. Shop the best loafers for men in the following styles.

  • Classic leather loafers for men:

Men’s casual loafers are a stylish alternative to funky sneakers. When you want to keep your look casual but dapper at the same time, then shop leather loafers for men online. A pair of black loafers for men are sleek and suitable for semi-formal attire. Brown loafers are day time favourites and go best with a pair of khaki chinos. 

  • Seasonal Favourites: 

Due to the close similarity to boat shoes, men’s loafers shoes are a preferred choice in travelling shoes. Add a fashionable touch to your holiday journeys with suave pair of branded loafer shoes. Shop the styles of suede loafers in funky shades of Grey, Tan and Blue. Make sure you match either your shirt or trousers with your shoes.

Keep it colourful with leather loafer shoes. Contrast adds to the appeal of your ensemble, so make your mark with a pair that stands out. Shades of white loafers, olive, nautical blue or colour-blocked loafers are summertime favourites, make them part of your holiday wardrobe and step out in style on your break.

Leather loafer shoes are soft and durable; this easy-to-wear style of shoes is among the most iconic styles in men’s fashion. Loafers for men are more than just shoes without laces. There are various distinguishing factors that form an almost sub-genre of loafer shoes.

  • Penny loafers have been an integral part of footwear fashion since the early seventies. The most distinguishing element of this style is the little leather strip that runs across the bridge of the foot. 
  • Tassel loafers are meant for those who love indulging in the decorated side of life. The little tassels on these loafers for men tastefully enhance the appeal of this style. They are best worn with smart casuals and for a professional brunch or a date night. 
There is something about men’s loafers that make them an insanely attractive style of footwear. The clean lines, that vibe of comfort and that unmatchable style, all of these together make men’s casual loafers a must-have in your shoe collection. If you don’t own a pair of loafers then it is time to get yourself one. 
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