What are Moccasins ? Why Moccasin Shoes are popular ?

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Of the many available choices in men’s footwear, moccasins are arguably the ones with the least hassle of maintenance. These trouble-free favourites are ideal for a casual weekend walk and also for everyday office wear. While they may look similar, moccasins should not be confused with loafers or boat shoes. Moccasins for men spell comfort and sophistication as they are neat, trendy, and versatile. Men’s leather Moccasin shoes can be paired with a variety of clothing and worn at many different occasions, so stock up on cool men’s moccasin shoes and amp up your style quotient.

Worn best with casual trousers, here are a few insights to redefine your look with a suave pair of men’s moccasin shoes.

  1. Lightweight and with generous cover, moccasins for men are the ideal choice of footwear for a long day outdoors.
  2. Enjoy the delights of long strolls when wearing men’s moccasin loafers or the joys of long drives wearing driving moccasin shoes.
  3. Nothing complements men’s leather Moccasins better than jeans and the best way to make this combination work for you is by staying with a pair of well-fitting jeans.
  4. Moccasins for men demand the perfect trousers because loose-fitting, baggy cargos and flowing pyjamas just don’t make the cut.
  5. Men’s black moccasins shoes paired with slim-fit black trousers and a well-fitted shirt make for a dapper evening outfit. These shoes work for semi-formal occasions as well as party casuals
  6. Moccasins for men in shades of brown, beige, and tan are more suited for day time commitments, pair these with classic blue denim and a linen shirt, complete the look with a belt to match your shoes

Moccasin shoes originated as Moccasin boots and eventually evolved to the design we know today. The overall design and construction remain the same but there is beauty in the details, we check out the many tasteful elements that make moccasins for men one of the most noticeable footwear.

  1. Men’s moccasins loafers come in a variety of designs, from little leather craftsmanship to deeper details like textured leather and artsy stitching.
  2. Wear your favourite grey chinos with a pair of brown moccasins or tan formal moccasins for men finished off with tasteful tassels for that pinch of playfulness.
  3. Moccasins for men with buckles add an elegant sparkle to the footwear and these styles are best worn with crisp oxford shirts tucked into chinos or solid jeans.

The rule to remember with moccasins for men is to keep it sharp. Swap the relaxed T-shirts for fitted polo neck T-shirts, jeans, trousers and chinos must fit well and be of the perfect length. A neat fold at the bottom of your jeans will allow the focus to be on your moccasin shoes.


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