How do you take care of Kolhapuri Chappals?

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Here are some steps that you should consider for the upkeep of your Kolhapuris:

  • When not in use, place the Kolhapuri slippers in a clean and dry storage area. 
  • Avoid keeping chappals in a closed space for a long time. Doing so would result in the appearance of a fungus-like substance on the slippers. 
  • To remove the fungus, sun-dry the chappals for an hour or more. Once done, wipe the fungus off with a dry cloth. During the drying process, the chappal would tan a bit. However, there is nothing to worry about as the tanning is proof of the presence of genuine leather with no long term damage. 
  • Polish once or twice a week to maintain the shine of the slippers. 

It is recommended to not use them in the rainy season as the footwear could trap moisture within, damaging it in the long term. In case the slippers do come in contact with rains or any kind of moisture, use a dryer to dry them out.

answered May 2 by FTM