Which are Slip On Shoes ?

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Slip-on shoes are known to have a mocassin construction which consists of a soft and flexible sole and side parts made up of leather and covered with embroidery or beading. A casual footwear style, the shoes’ popularity surged after Americans paired them with lounge suits but eventually gained prominence as casual shoes for its comfort and convenience. 

Slip-on shoes are known for their hassle-free and stylish look. Hence, it is a must-have essential if looking chic is your forte, and you do not have sufficient time to suit up. To help you in the process, Mochi Shoes brings you a massive collection of slip-on shoes for everyone. 

Slip-On Shoes For Your Style

An easy to put on footwear, slip-on shoes were made initially for just men. But eventually, the footwear became famous among women and soon became the talk of the fashion circuit. Ranging from ethnic to leather slip-ons, the collection of shoes in this style can help you turn up your style quotient as they pair well with various outfits. 

Mens Slip-On Shoes

  • Are you getting late for that Diwali celebration? Pick Mochi’s ethnic slip-ons to pair with a dark coloured short kurta and a light coloured pyjama or vice versa. Roam around with ease wearing this outfit as you light those crackers and have fun with your mates. 
  • You can go for black or white dress slip-ons for everyday use and pair them up with your formal or casual wear. The shoes are perfect to wear in the office, during special events, and at occasions where comfort is more important to you. 
  • For busy workout sessions or other sporting events, you can opt for sneakers or athletic slip-on shoes for comfort and stability during the activities. 

Slip-On Shoes For Women

  • Surprise everyone by erasing the misconception and stereotype of women taking hours to dress up for parties by picking Mochi’s chic collection of women’s slip-ons and complete outfit
  • Opt for casual or ethnic slip-ons when going out for a date or an impromptu meeting with your girlfriends with a tank top and leggings and a sling bag, completing the look with a clutch. The stylish casuals will make your whole outfit stand out among others. 
  • To look elegant during that office event with your formal look, pick one of the chunky and sturdy leather slip-on shoes and go for with a black one-piece dress. You can complete your look by adding accessories to your outfit with a leather bag and dark coloured earrings. 





answered May 1, 2020 by SHOE MAG