Which shoes are called Casual Shoes ?

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Initial variants for casual shoes came into being during the early years of the 19th century. However, it was not until the 1960s that they became popular among the masses. While the initial options in casual footwear were targetted at men, casual shoes for women as well as young boys and girls were gradually developed. With the rise of ecommerce in the last few years, the market for casual shoes online has exploded. With numerous brands and platforms online, it can get difficult to choose between them. 

Men’s Casual Shoes:

  1. If you want a casual shoe that would work for multiple occasions and circumstances, opt for suede shoes. While they require care in terms of cleaning, their multi-purpose utility makes up for it. 
  2. It is preferred to go for black casual shoes or something in a similar colour range. That is because shoes with darker outsoles are easier to clean. Also, white casual shoes tend to dirty easier. Hence, it is recommended to reserve white shoes for special occasions.
  3. In case you are looking for safe options when it comes to casual shoe colours, go for ones in black, dark grey and sometimes blue. These colours pair well with most outfits. 

 Casual Shoes for Women:

  1. Black slip-on shoes have a certain vintage appeal to them. Hence, one could wear them for casual hangouts as well as semi-formal events. 
  2. Comfortable and practical, sneakers are available in a wide range of colours and designs. This gives the buyer immense choice in their desired pick. While sneakers pair best with the jeans and t-shirt look, many are experimenting with various outfits in terms of pairing. 

 Casual Shoes for Kids:

  1. Considering how active kids can be, it is recommended to go for sandals as their everyday choice in footwear. Easy to remove and available in a wide range of colours, they can be comfortable as well as attractive to their eyes. 
  2. Another prominent option to consider is slippers. Suggested for the same reason as sandals, they are equally comfortable.




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