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How to make shoes? If you plan to learn a craft of shoemaking and make your shoes, you must be wondering how shoes are made? Is it difficult to make shoes? Is shoe making for me?  I know that because many years ago I use to ask myself the same questions. The lack of knowledge and misunderstanding the process lids to fear and makes you pass on the idea of making your own shoes. 

The first thing that I do with my students is to show them the big picture, show them the full process how to make shoes. This is exactly what I will share with you in this post.  

Read the complete Definitive Guide in the latest post. Here is the link: https://goo.gl/6MFFQh  

Shoemaking Courses Video platform, is unique, one of the kind resource to learn shoemaking craft on-line. Join a large community of shoe lovers and learn shoemaking lessons from anywhere in the world. Here you will learn and practice shoemaking, and based on the knowledge that you will gain here from my video courses, you will make your own shoes guaranteed. The courses are always available for you to practice, sharpen your skills and knowledge, with no limitations, so you could get better in your own pace.  


The knowledge that you will gain here is: Pattern making /different techniques Cutting and assembling shoes Sewing Lasting shoes Last Transformation Constructing Heels Constructing soles/mid-soles/platforms Design of Uppers Classic Women Shoes How to create your own design How to develop collection ( Coming soon) Different techniques working with leather Making different types of shoes View the Full Shoemaking Courses Program: http://www.shoemakingcoursesonline.co...  

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Basic Shoemaking Method - The Cemented Construction   

This is the first construction, beginner shoemakers learn. This 24 minutes video is the short version of my 2 hours DVD and I believe it will be a good help uprising shoemakers. I DON'T suggest to learn from this video, but it can help a bit. Enjoy!

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Office Hours for Distance Learning & Consulting

Tuesday & Thursday - 9am to 2pm - Pacific Time

Pre-arranged telephone appointments are available for students that are enrolled in the Distance Learning Programs, or for people that need advice on Footwear or Leather Craft Projects.

You Can Schedule Consulting Appointments for:

  • Shoe Design & Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Shoe Last Development
  • Component Sourcing
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Leather
  • Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Independent Technology Evaluations


To Schedule an Appointment



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Workshop Schedules

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Established Since 1981

ShoeSchool remains dedicated to the preservation, sharing, and furthering of the knowledge and skills, related to the Ancient Art of Designing & Hand Crafting Footwear.

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"Introduction to the Business of Shoemaking"

3 Day Workshop is a Private Consulting Program. This program focuses on the business aspects of Shoemaking. The participants observe a shoe being made rather than making it themselves.

This workshop is Customized to the Project of the Individual, and can be scheduled to take place at a mutually convenient time.

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Arranged by appointment.


"Advanced Shoemaking Workshops"

Private Consulting Programs that are Customized to the Project of the Individual, and can be scheduled to take place at a mutually convenient time.

Advanced programs require a basic working knowledge of footwear construction, or apparel design, or successful completion of the "Introduction to Shoemaking".

To Schedule an Advanced
Training Program



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Workshop Schedules

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"Introduction to Shoemaking"                                 image

5 Day Hands-On Workshop where the student makes a pair of shoes for their own feet, using basic Hand Tools.This workshop is offered several times each year. We will add extra sessions when these programs are filled.  Class size is limited to 6 participants to insure that each person has the personal attention they need.

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March 12 - 17

July 9 - 14

September 17 - 22

November 12 - 17



March 25 - 30

July 15 - 20

September 23 - 28

November 11 - 16

For Current Workshop Fees Contact ShoeSchool



Workshop Schedules

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Best Year Online Shoemaking Program To Get You From Beginner To Pro! 

Since 2013, This Shoemaking Program
Trusted By More Than 2000 Students Worldwide

Program That Will Give You The Knowledge And Skills


Why You Want To Make Shoes?

  • 20 Shoemaking  Courses
  • Footwear Design Workshop                                     
  • Watch & Download All Courses
  • More than 300 Hours Of Video Tutorials
  • Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group
  • Members ONLY Webinars
  • 2 Weeks Recap & Review
  • Shoemaking Tools & Materials
  • Free Shipping
  • 2 Months extra access [14 total] 
  • letina

Shoemaker, footwear designer, entrepreneur, educator and passionate     shoe lover.

For the last 6 years, I am teaching people from all over the world, how to make shoes online. 
After having more than 2000 students graduated my shoe making program, I know exactly how to get you, from being a total beginner in shoemaking      to make your own shoes in the most professional way.   

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                   Footwear Design Workshop

Footwear Design Course

Learn The Skills To Make Any Footwear Type

  • Rules of Construction 
  • How to create correct design for future production
  • How to transfer your design from sketch to the last correctly
  • Learn what are anatomical lines and how to work with them
  • How to upgrade any design
  • Design shoes without any calculation
  • Easy to learn tools to simplify design process
  • How to create 3D elements in footwear
    and much more.... 

Members ONLY Webinars

Get access to my members exclusive webinars for each shoemaking course. On the webinars you will get extra tips and knowledge and techniques on how to create  your shoes. Ask questions, and get all courses updates. 

Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group

​Here you get access to me & other students of SCO. Many of my students are professional shoemakers or they already been where you are right now. Gain exclusive access to a Facebook community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates. 

SOURCE       https://www.shoemakingcoursesonline.com/

Shoemaking Courses Online

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Shoemaking Course Online – Learn How to Make Shoes

This is a book about shoemaking, learn how to make shoes footwear development classes

Shoe School

I’ve been asked by many visitors to the site if we have an online shoe school program or shoemaking for beginners classes available at the Sneaker Factory. So here is our free course on how to make shoes!

We have pulled together an online curriculum of shoemaking 

lessions in a sequence that will take you from the basics of shoe design and shoemaking to advanced material selection topics. While not is a real class room I think you will like our online sneaker scool. For shoemaking beginners we have a step-by-step guide so you can learn how to design shoes. This collection of shoemaking resources teaches shoemaking for beginners and students.

Our shoemaking school course is free! If want to learn how to make shoes you are in the right place!  This short online course will cover the basics of shoe design and techniques for mass production and give you a firm grasp of shoemaking terminology, shoe patterns, and construction. The second half of the is a footwear development class. Our shoe making tutorial takes just a few hours to read.  Welcome to the Sneaker Factory Online shoemaking school, let’s get started!  We have taken great care to make learning easy! Throughout our articles you will see many shoemaking terms like “last” and “eyestay,” are highlighted in blue.  

Part 1:  Learn The Basics of Shoemaking

In this part of our shoemaking course, you will learn the basics of shoemaking and construction step-by-step. You will learn what a shoe last is and how it determines the shape of your shoe. More importantly,  you will learn the parts of a shoe. If you want to learn how to make shoes…you are in the right place! 

Part 2:   Learn Shoe Construction Techniques

Now that you understand the basics we can move on to the details of shoe construction, shoe lasting, and what is inside the guts of your shoe. We will cover the two most popular styles of shoe construction: Cold Cement and Vulcanized construction.

Part 3: Learn How to Design Shoes

Once you have read through parts 1 and 2 you will have enough basic shoemaking knowledge to get started designing your shoe projects. In part 3 of the course, you will learn how to design shoes. In this part, we will review how to go about drawing shoes and how shoe patterns 

Part 4:  How to specify your Shoe Design

With your new design drawn up, let’s dig deeper and learn how to make a real factory ready shoe specification. A detailed shoe specification, (or Spec sheet,) will allow the shoe factory to create just what you are looking for.  This footwear development class will teach you how to make your design “production” ready 

Part 5:  Continued  Reading

There is always more to learn in the field of shoemaking!  In this section of the course, we have a few more articles that will help you on your way to becoming  

SOURCE    https://www.sneakerfactory.net/online-shoe-school/ 

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