How do i become a shoe designer?

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Arsutoria e-Learning: online footwear courses 

  e-Learning: online footwear courses 

Footwear professionals all over the world have relied on Arsutoria for advanced training in the art of shoe making since the 1940’s Each industry has its own terminology.The footwear industry is no exception.One way to classify a shoe is to do it according to the model. In other words, the style chosen for the top component 

This online course is comprised of 8 lessons, each of which focuses on the terminology of Footwear Silhouettes and the origin of style names.

Content of the course

Style names have different roots: for example, sometimes the style name refers to a historical character, sometimes it refers to a city or part of the world, and other times the style name is the result of a change in the feature of a shoe that identifies that particular silhouette.

Often we name a shoe according to a manufacturing construction or even a detail in the design. The evolution of fashion creates new terms and names that become part of our heritage.This online course teaches a “common language that is intended for all footwear professionals, from designers and technicians to merchandisers and sales teams, as it teaches industry terms that are applicable to every segment of the footwear market.Not only does it benefit the footwear professional, but it also benefits the customer who is ultimately better informed.

Today sales people working at every level and in every segment of the market need to be more and more skilled and prepared to interact with their customers. Being able to explain in depth a shoe construction or the quality details of a shoe is of utmost importance as it offers the customer a value added proposition that goes beyond brand or price.

We encourage all footwear professionals to take this course in order to identify and understand the details and quality of a shoe.


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How to make shoes basic pattern

In this shoe making tutorial, I will teach you how to make a basic shoe pattern. From this basic shoe pattern, you will create all other pattern parts of your shoe. You have one last and, of course, you want to make different shoe models using the same last. 

What you do is, you attach the masking tape and design your shoes on it, then you check it if you made your masking tape shoe pattern correct. When you want to make new shoe model on this last (as it should be), you do it all over again and then check your masking tape shoe pattern. So, each time when you are making a new shoe pattern, you waste valuable time to check your masking tape pattern until you get it right.  


You need to attach masking tape pattern at the right angle. 2. You need to spread all wrinkles and folds of masking tape pattern correctly. You need to do it, do not change the correct dimension of your last. Those wrinkles and folds of masking tape always created as a result of transferring masking 

tape pattern from 3D shape (your shoe last) to 2D shape (the cardboard).  

Sveta Kletina


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From traditional education in school to industry apprenticeships, there are several ways for aspiring shoe designers to break into footwear. While there is still work to be done to address diversity and inclusivity across all areas of fashion, many programs are available now to help empower and foster shoemakers of all levels. 

Arsutoria School Shoe Design Course

The 4-week course at Arsutoria School in Milan is targeted for students seeking a short yet intensive program that can teach and refine their creative skills from concept to production. For a more immersive experience, students can opt to take classes in conjunction with Arsutoria’s 12-week pattern making program.

Pensole Footwear Design Academy

Founded by D’Wyane Edwards, this hands-on training program based in Portland, Oregon is one of the leading initiatives for crafting tomorrow’s shoe leaders. Edwards, who initially had limited resources breaking into the industry, created the program in order to help bring more educational options to emerging designers. Courses are run on a “learn by doing” curriculum taught across four different studios.

British Footwear Association Apprenticeships

In order to meet the demands of its growing shoe exports, the British footwear industry recently launched a nationally accredited apprenticeship program in manufacturing based in Northamptonshire, England. According to BFA Chief Executive John Saunders in a press release, “International interest in British made footwear has possibly never been higher. This is particularly true for the premium bench and hand-made shoes, of the type made in Northamptonshire and the West End.” The association has developed an apprenticeship standard with the help of brands including New Balance, Church, Dr Martens, International Dance Shoes and more.

More information:

Women In The Footwear Industry (WIFI)

Two Ten’s WIFI initiative empowers women in the industry through mentoring, events and relationship building activities. WIFI currently includes nine chapters across the country, with over 4,000 members total. Specifically, its year-long mentoring program matches matches seasoned footwear professionals with mentees of varying levels in order to foster growth.




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A shoe designer, also called a footwear designer, is a type of fashion designer who specializes in creating shoes and boots. In addition to being practical for covering the feet, shoe designs can be original, innovative works of art. Becoming a shoe designer takes talent and skill, but it is something that can be achieved with dedication.

Planning Your Path  -   Make a plan for yourself that includes a series of steps that are realistic to achieve. Include a timeline for achieving each step so that you can stay focused.

Decide on your focus. There are many paths you can follow in shoe design. For example, you can design shoes for women, men, children, athletes, and so on. What appeals to you most?
    Get a degree in design. While it is not necessary to get a degree, a degree can help you develop skills and contacts that will be useful for succeeding in the industry. Enroll in a 2- or 4-year program at an accredited institution.
    Start developing your style. A great shoe designer will have an interesting and original look to their designs. You can start developing your own style and brand immediately.
    • Find inspiration in the world. You may have a tendency to look at other shoe designs and designers for inspiration, but this risks replicating designs. Look for inspiration in other areas of art or the world. Christian Louboutin, for example, has drawn from archaeology to influence some of his designs. 

    Learn about the industry. There is more to shoe design than just drawing pictures. The industry is roughly divided into three parts: design or creative, manufacturing, and retail.
      Keep track of current trends. Following the industry and trends in shoes will help you figure out where you can be cutting-edge and stand out. This is a competitive industry and being on top of trends is a necessity. 

      Building Your Skill Set

      1. Sketch a lot.   2  Learn how to use design software  3 Learn how to design shoe patterns. 4  Build a portfolio   

      Building Your Resume

      1. Get an internship  2  Work in retail.  3  Work in shoe manufacturing.  4  Start out as an assistant.  

      Networking in Your Field

      1. Grow your professional networks.  2  Go on an informational interview  3  Join a professional organization.  4 Find a mentor. 

      Designing on Your Own

      1. Connect with a manufacturer  2  Hold a trunk show.  3  Partner with a boutique or shop. 4  Sell your shoes online. 
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