What are the different styles of Oxford Shoes ?

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In the fashion pyramid of men’s footwear, Oxford shoes for men sit comfortably at the top. Standing the test of time, Oxford shoes for men have transformed into an icon of the fashion industry and grown to become a staple in the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious male. Men’s leather Oxford shoes define elegance with every curve and fold, the characteristic simplicity is what makes this style a favourite for formal occasions.

We deep dive into the world of men’s formal footwear to explore the style of Oxford shoes for men. Read on to know more about this stellar fashion and the many ways to wear it with confidence. 

Men’s dress shoes essentials:

Your collection of sneakers and sports shoes are apt choices for casual settings, but when it is down to formal events, men’s dress shoes are the norm. You can choose between Derbys, men’s Oxfords or even a pair of loafers. However, nothing says elegance better than men’s Oxfords.

  1. Stylish Construction: Clean lines and minimal added elements are the central themes of men’s Oxford dress shoes. The heel is a defining feature of Oxford shoes for men; it gives your stance an elevation and the appearance of a stronger posture.
  2. Key details: The defining feature of Oxford shoes for men is the closed lace system. Unlike Derbys, men’s Oxford shoes have a neat thin lace over the vamp of the shoe starting from the throat line. This gives the shoes more grip around the bridge of the foot and keeps them fitting well at all times.

Wearing Oxford shoes right:

Men’s Oxford shoes are quintessentially formal shoes, but you have the freedom to dress up or dress down with this style. Before shopping Oxford shoes for men, keep the following points in mind, so your shoes don’t look out of place.

Sharp suits when paired with men’s black Oxford shoes,make a dashing outfit that will surely win you the right attention. Shop for men’s brown Oxford shoes and wear them with khaki, cream, brown or navy blue trousers and a white shirt, match your belt with the shade of your Oxford shoes and you’re set to rock the look.

Men’s casual Oxford shoes are a tasteful choice for a brunch or an outdoor meeting.  When wearing men’s leather Oxford shoes, stay with neutral shades and avoid flashy prints on your shirts; this helps to bring your shoes to focus, your style on point. 


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