How Monk shoes are made ?

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                                 Monk shoes - Style it up!

If you are looking for the perfect blend of casual and formal shoes then Monk shoes are the answer to all your fashion fantasies. Monk shoes are equal parts bold and stylish for the discerning modern-day fashion-conscious male, they are also a good choice of walking shoes for men. Buckles are a prominent style element in women’s footwear, as it is common of loafers for women to have a decorative buckle, and this same element serves a functional purpose in men’s monk strap shoes.

We dive into the details to see what makes these shoes such eye-catchers and the reasons why you must certainly have a pair of these in your shoe collection.  

The basics of Monk Shoes:

Hailing from a history of European shoes, the first monk strap shoes were worn by monks who travelled long distances and wanted more cover and protection for their feet. Strong buckles were also a must to fasten down the leather and keep the shoe strong in all conditions.

  1. Men’s Monk Shoes Style: This style is a rare find because most men choose to go in for laced shoes or the casual loafers. The elite look of monk shoes sets them apart from the first glance.
  2. Comfortable yet glamorous: Men’s monk shoes are certainly no quaint pair of shoes. The buckle strap commands attention and the overall construction gives it a sleek and fashionable look.

Wearing the right look:

Men’s loafers and ladies Kolhapuri chappal are two versatile styles of footwear that match effortlessly well with casual and formal outfits. This is not quite the case with men’s monk shoes, 

 a little effort goes a long way and when done right, you are sure to look your stunning best. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when wearing these spectacular shoes.

  1. Keep it classy: Baggy jeans, oversized T-shirts must stay in the closet. Crisp oxford shirts, well-ironed trousers, and your best leather belt is what you need.
  2. Bling it up: Double monk strap shoes are best worn with a matching waist belt that has a classy buckle. Metal strap wrist watches or bracelets are also an excellent way to complement the look.
  3. Texture Talk: Don’t be conservative when shopping for monk shoes, the material of your shoe and the texture makes a strong statement for your ensemble. Glossy monk shoes are perfect for the club and a double monk strap tan leather pair with a dotted texture is ideal for a weekend brunch.

Running shoes, sneakers, and laced formals are essentials but if you want to stand out in the crowd then monk shoes are the way to go.




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Monk shoes can be made from many types and colors of leather. A closed shoe with a wide strap across the instep that closes at the side with one or two buckles . The monks used it merely as a work shoe, since it protected more and was more comfortable to work in than sandals, and the buckle or buckles (yes even at that time there were double monk shoes) made it look quite alike their traditionally worn sandals. .


These  men’s designer shoes owe their name to their similarity to monk’s sandals. It is a versatile model that can be elegant and classic or sporty and informal depending on the hide and color combination of the outfit they are worn with. Monk shoes can be made from many types and colors of leather.  A closed shoe with a wide strap across the instep that closes at the side with one or two buckles. This model tends to be wide and they are comfortable men’s shoes. It is one of our most in-demand models. Belts worn with these shoes tend to be the same color as the buckle on the shoe.


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In your first store visit we take exact measures of your foot size, width and instep height of each foot with our 3D scanner. The results are analyzed by our experts in order to assess the best matching mold to your feet. You may also book an appointment with our in-house podiatrist who can provide you with specialist´s advice. We can also embed your chiropodist insole to the shoe mold in order to tailor fit your shoes.  


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