what is Chelsea Boot ?

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asked Apr 25 by Sneha murthy

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The origins of the Chelsea Boot lie not in the well-heeled (apologies for the pun) London district but in the green paddocks of the Victorian shires where they were conceived as a jodhpur boot. Its defining feature is the elasticated gusset that makes it such a breeze to get on and off compared to the tedium of lacing.

Its re-birth as the Chelsea Boot dates back to the 50’s and early 60’s when London began to swing. The hip, arty, offspring of the shires country set made a beeline for giddy London and their parent’s Chelsea townhouses, where, in the spirit of youthful rebellion, they took to wearing their Jodhpur boots. Street style was ever thus….even before the advent of fashion bloggers.


Chelsea Boot

The main features of the Chelsea boot are:

  • Ankle high.
  • Formed in two parts: the vamp and the quarters, each using a single piece of leather.
  • An elasticated gusset located over the ankle bone joins the vamp and the quarters. They are stitched plainly and securely below the gusset 
answered Apr 26 by A HUME