What is the difference between Oxford and brogue shoes?

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asked Apr 25 by Tim Cheng

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On the face of it, the difference between Oxfords and Brogues is very simple indeed. 

Oxford shoes are closed lace shoes. And Brogues are open laced shoes with perforations  

A shoe with open lacing can never, ever be an Oxford. And a shoe without perforations can never, ever be a Brogue.

The main features of a plain Oxford shoe are:

  • Closed lacing, i.e. the faces with the eyelets are sewn under a seam known as the throat.
  • Smooth leather, either plain or patent
  • Toe cap
  • Vamp
  • Plain quarter and no heel cap.

The main features of a Brogue shoe are:

  •  lacing, i.e. the faces with the eyelets are open.
  • Decorative perforations on the toe.
  • Wing tips, i.e. the piece of leather at the toe is formed in ‘W’-shape with long wings extending towards the heel of the shoe.
  • A heel cap.
  • Perforations around the seams and on the faces of the shoe.


answered Apr 25 by Ahume