What are md soles made of?

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MD soles are made of mixed materals of EVA foam compression heating. MD soles must contain EVA, and the bottom of the MD is also called PHYLON. Such as MD=EVA+RB or EVA+RB+TPR, and some shoes are RB+PU and so on. RB, PU, PVC, TPU, TPR, TR4.TPU: full name thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (Thermoplastic, Polyurethane), it is a linear polymer material produced by diisocyanate and macromolecule polyol and chain extender. MD soles are also commonly known as Dragon. It is a cheaper version of Phylon. shoe sole material used in bottom, mixed material made of EVA foam compression heating. (two high pressure molding of EVA) lightweight, flexibility and good anti-seismic performance, hardness by foaming temperature control.3.EVA:Ethylene, Vinyl, Acetate-, vinyl resin, acetate fiber, light, resilient chemical compound.The mixed material made of EVA foam MD by heating the compressed (two high pressure molding of EVA) lightweight, flexibility and good anti-seismic performance, hardness by foaming temperature control; TPR thermoplastic rubber (Thermoplastic Rubber), is a kind of rubber and thermoplastic properties of materials, rubber the performance and processing and recycling by thermoplastic plastics, can use ordinary plastic forming machine with injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding is made of rubber products. 

Advantages of MD OR PHYLON Soles - lightweight, flexible, thin appearance, softness good; easy to clean; hardness, density, tensile, tear, elongation good.

Disadvantages - difficult to corrosion adverse environmental protection, high temperature easy to fold, easy to shrink; poor durability, use its shock-absorbing force will reduce over time, and poor ventilation.

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