what are the Equipment and Accessories used in a shoe factory ?

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Shoe making is a very technical process because different materials, styles and techniques are used. Various tools, devices, equipments and accessories are required in the process of shoe making. 

01 - DIES AND MOULDS  - In shoe factory various types of Moulds are required for shaping insoles, counters, soles in different materials. Some moulds are required in Injection Moulding process others are needed to give shape and fittings to the shoes. Various types of dies are required for cutting and processing of shoe materials.

02 - NAILS AND TACKS -  Different sizes and dimensions of metal nails are used in construction of shoes at various stages. small size pointed at one end and with flat head are used in lasting process while long nails are used for heel nailing. Some nails are Used to fix provisional stages of shoe making and others at final stages of completion of shoes. 

03 - NEEDLES - Different sizes, points and shapes of needles are required for processing and manufacture of shoe uppers.They come in various shapes, thickness and points at edge.Most of them are used in stitching of shoe uppers on sewing machines.

04 - ADHESIVES - Adhesives are mixture of natural or artificial substances. footwear adhesives comprises synthetic rubber based adhesives and the hugely popular two component polyurethane adhesives. The rubber based adhesives find huge popularity with upholsters & footwear manufacturers. On the other hand, the two component polyurethane adhesives are indispensable raw material for footwear manufacturers. Adhesives are required to bond leather to leather, rubber to leather, rubber to leather, upper to sole and others.There are primers for EVA materials.For attachment of soles you need cleaner, softner, hardner, water based adhesives and solvent based adhesives. 

05 - CHEMICALS - Number of Chemicals and compounds are used to complete production process of shoe components or  shoe finishing.

06 - TOOLS, CUTTERS AND PUNCHES - Lot of Tools are required in the shoe production. Some are with a rotating surface equipped with multiple cutting edges others are just to cut a specific shape and style of shoe.

07 - BLADES AND KNIVES - Metal tools with a sharp edge for cutting. Manual working tool used in splitting machines, skiving, cutting tables, etc..

08 - BOARDS FOR DIE-CUTTING - Plate used as support for the material being cut by mechanical pressing of the die. The various resistances or hardness is related to the material which is composed the object. Widely made by nylon.

09 - LABORATORY TEST EQUIPMENTS - Machinery and equipment for quality control laboratory (physical and chemical test) of shoes and their components. The tests are performed according to regulatory and/or precise standards methodology such as ISO (International Standard Organization) or IULTCS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies).

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